How to transfer the Google Play Music to YouTube Music

How to transfer the Google Play Music to YouTube Music
How to transfer the Google Play Music to YouTube Music 

There will be many of you out there that are staunch Google play music users. So the switch to YouTube music might be a little bit of a painful one or thought of it will be a painful one that said Google has made it even easier to switch. Thanks to the dedicated transfer tool.

You can transfer from Google Play Music to YouTube music in a number of ways and to add. It’s actually quite a painless process. Google has made a fantastic tool here but before that it's worth noting that if you are a long term.

Google Play Music user unless you are able to download all of your audio content then this transfer tool is the easiest way to ensure that your entire library is available.

Using the Android or iOS app

At least somewhere even if that somewhere is YouTube music the easiest method to do so is on mobile and this process works on Android and iOS.

Firstly you'll need to open the YouTube Music app at this point you may see a pop up. But if you don't just head to settings transfer from Google Play Music and then transfer from Google Play Music.

Transfer tool

Again you may not see this option yet as the transfer tool is steadily becoming more available so be sure to check back regularly to ensure that you do have the option. When you're ready tap transfer and the process should begin.

Once you've agreed to some terms and conditions once the entire transfer is complete. You get a notification on your device to confirm its being done properly.
You should steadily see tracks appear in your library under the upload section when they do become available too. If you prefer using a web browser on desktop or indeed mobile then head to the following link which will be also included in the description below.

Signed into your account

So long as you're signed into your account and have the option already available. You can click start transfer to initiate unlike the mobile tool. There is no notification on the browser unless you leave it open in the background.

But you will be informed when you log in again and that's about it. There really isn't much more to the tool which is pretty fantastic than that when you get using.

How to transfer the Google Play Music to YouTube Music
How to transfer the Google Play Music to YouTube Music 

Music playlists and radio stations

The app you will have the option to carry on listening to tracks you've been enjoying on google play music. But you should be able to enjoy all of your music playlists and radio stations on the new platform without any problems depending though on your library size.

This transfer could take a few minute seven up to a few like days. Especially if you are transferring a large library of music. If you're still going to persist with google play music.

Download or upload more music

Though it is worth noting that if you do download or upload more music then you'll have to run the transfer tool again to ensure everything gets backed up and transferred across to YouTube music alternatively.

we have a video of some of the best alternatives if you can't quite deal with YouTube music just there's a link appear in the top left but with all of that said if you have any questions be sure to let us know down in the comment section below.

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