YouTube Music killed Google Play Music
YouTube Music killed Google Play Music

YouTube Music killed Google Play Music: The most amazing in the world Google is still working hard to kill off google play music for the benefit of YT music what are the latest developments. YouTube declared that the YouTube Music app will come re-installed on all new devices launching with Android 10 and Android 9 including the pixel series before.

If you wanted YouTube music, you'd need to download it separately from the Google Play Store. YouTube also said quote, YouTube music is your personal guide through the complete world of music and quote.

What's New

It is since when that's news to me. Any way let's talk about Google’s obsession with killing off Google Play Music the product teams for play music. YT music were merged in 2017 a replacement version of YouTube music was announced in May of 2018.

Once YT music reached the extent of Google Play Music in terms of features. Google Play music was getting to roll in the hay the fishes that news happened in May of 2018 also what's so great about Google Play music.

Anyway it has a cloud Locker so in theory if you have some music ripped from your collection of Beatles bootlegs. You can upload it to Google play music and hear anywhere. You had service no one I know would ever do anything like that bootlegs are illegal.

Cloud Locker

The cloud Locker is also useful for when music services lose rights to certain artists for a time. You can plug holes in libraries. If you really wanted to using a cloud Locker let's go back to May 2018. The head of music at YouTube tweeted that if you were migrating from play music over to YouTube music.

YT music for a soft landing

Your collection playlists and preferences are going to be preserved and migrated to YouTube music for a soft landing guess. what it's late 2019 and there's not a way to go from play music to YouTube music may be forcing YouTube music on Android 9 & 10 devices will help right do.

You have any idea how difficult it's to urge the newest versions of Android on Android devices non-google. Of course check out a previous episode where I explained what takes so long. Essentially there are a lot of cooks in the kitchen if Apple pushed.

Google Maps app in an iOS update almost every iOS user would have that new Maps app pretty quickly. Google on the opposite hand is incapable of that level of control beyond its pixel phones while I'm nitpicking.

YT Music app on Android

Let’s talk a bit about the YT Music app on Android. I search for apps on my phone unless they make it to the home screen and I am a ruthless home screen manager when things don't get used. They go back to the app drawer maybe to see occasional use when YouTube music was revamped.

I downloaded it. I look for YouTube music on my phone you recognize what it didn't show up why because it's listed as YT music within the app drawer now. Why would you do that maybe it was my wacky Samsung phone that caused the issue. I also installed YouTube music on my pixel 3a excel.

Google relationship with YouTube

If you do a search for YouTube music within this stock version of Android you get no results why because to the operating system its YT music the app is even called YT music in the Play Store. I railed on Google for its bizarre relationship with the nest brand in the past.

It’s this kind of in consistency. They can undermine adoption albeit YouTube becomes the world's greatest music app how you discover the dang thing now could also be unbiased. I've been using google play music form many years now. I spent tons of your time comparing Apple music, Amazon music Spotify and Google Play Music.

YouTube Music killed Google Play Music
YouTube Music killed Google Play Music

Apple music vs Google Play Music

Apple music had a cloud blocker but Google Play Music won because it had a cloud Locker and it came with YouTube red now referred to as YouTube premium for around $10 per month. I got a streaming music service with a locker alongside ad free YouTube that's an honest deal.

Nowadays that's not the case the bundles have changed. I get that Google wants one approach for music that creates sense from a consumer standpoint. I don't see why Google Play Music just didn't get rebranded as YouTube music rather than trying to cram lots and much of features into YouTube music.

Exciting features

Just put a couple of features during a pretty mature music service like Google Play Music. Now this is pure speculation ahead. But I would be there’s some kind of internal struggle at Google look people know the YouTube brand slap that name on a music service and bingo here's hoping all of this gets fixed by may 2020.

Let me know what you think also what was your favorite service that Google killed off. Thanks to everyone for watching. If you've enjoyed your stay in Tips Topic. Please follow us.

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