Samsung Galaxy note 10: 5 reason to still buy in 2020
Samsung Galaxy note 10: 5 reason to still buy in 2020

Samsung Galaxy note 10: 5 reason to still buy in 2020: While the note 10 series is also set for a refresh in the coming months with a bad part of a year since the release of the all-out Samsung. We’re no win a great position to assess what this smartphone actually offers so with that in mind here are five quick reasons why the Samsung Galaxy note 10 plus.

S Pen

The difference between the Galaxy S series and the Galaxy Note 10 inclusion in' of the s-pen which still remains a superb souped-up stylus. Something hasn't really made any massive changes to the main s-pen formula.

Since the note 8 series some new sensors have been the height of the upgrades this time around. However this isn't a bad thing as it remains a fantastic productivity tool that still the best smartphone stylus on the market no questions as a more work focused embedded.

Accessory the S Pen is borderline perfect while not all of the new features are themselves perfect. The air gestures might be ideal for a presentation scenario or for when taking group photos for instance. The S Pen might not be the most useful addition to all of you out there.

Samsung Galaxy note 10: 5 reason to still buy in 2020
S Pen

Battery life

But to a select few it's one of the core reasons to stick with the note series with the sizable 4300 milliamp hour battery in the note 10. The larger device is destined to be an all-day smartphone for many people out there.

the caveat here is that the Snapdragon model still outlast is X and as brethren by quite a fair margin while your own mileage may have cost very. The Samsung Galaxy note 10 plus is still more than likely to be able to keep up with even the most hectic of days with a little juice left in the tank.

The fact Samsung ditched quick charge 2.0 for USB C power delivery is another bonus as you can now top up with the 25 watt charger in the box or alternatively a separate 45 watt charger.

Samsung Galaxy note 10: 5 reason to still buy in 2020
Samsung Galaxy note 10: design

Samsung Galaxy note 10 Design

Samsung has come on so far since ditching the ugly plastic designs of yesteryear that it feels like a completely different at times. The Galaxy Note template takes design cues from some other devices but the result is one of the best looking for Samsung has to offer.

It’s still one of the best designs even over six months after release. the curved glass round the display almost seamlessly transitions into the side frame with soft curves and melting into that gorgeous aura back glass panel two-tone colors are growing in popularity.

But the aura glow notes 10+ is the pinnacle of colorful smartphones in our opinion. Samsung has absolutely nailed the design on the note 10 series from start to finish.

Samsung Galaxy note 10 Display

We’ve seen the Galaxy S20 of the ante even further with the introduction of 120 Hertz to the S series. But with frame rate caps at Full HD plus resolution the note M plus display it still hangs with the very best in the business. The boxy shape of the phone also helps minimize the appearance of those bezels to the point where it feels like almost a complete screen smartphone when set up the qhd+ resolution. There are very few smartphones that have a display that looks this good and gets as bright and direct sunlight.

Samsung continues the tradition of the best smartphone displays with the note 10 plus and the first time you use this display. You’ll clearly understand why Android 10 is now widely available for most of 2019 top-tier Galaxy flagships including of course the note 10 series.

One UI / Android 10

However something has always been slightly ahead of the curve in many regards with their own long UI skin 1. UI2.1 is now available for you to download with this update bring in some galaxy Zflip and s20 features and more to the slightly.

Older handsets included within the extra features are new camera modes and gallery tweaks plus of course more and so on. They joined the already impressive one UI feature set that includes even features that stock.

Android has yet ad while OS updates are a little bit behind the pixel series most Samsung fans do prefer having more options out of the box and with the note templates. You have as many as you need so while the lines are a little more blurred between the Galaxy S series than ever before.

The Samsung Galaxy note 10 plus specifically is still a fantastic smartphone well worth your time and indeed money with that said. Let us know how you're getting on with the note 10 or not 10 + down in the comment section below but until next time.

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