OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z: Full Specifications with mobile test
OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z: Full Specifications with mobile test 

OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z: Full Specifications with mobile test: The OnePlus 8 series actually launched the sub $50 bullets whilst Z earbuds and half the price of the more premium bullets are wireless - well are they any good. This is our review of the cut price audio accessory thanks for watching.

Let’s talk first about the design as the bullets Wireless C remain the same footprint look and feel as the previous model. Which are of course still available with my ad. The plastic design does mean that they are like to buy a few grams.

But there are also some internal exclusions as a result of that cut price the starters. You don't actually get a carry case with the bullets Uzi this time around which is kind of to be expected at that under 50 dollar price tag. Because of course the buzz themselves are exactly the same shape and only marginally lighter.

OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z specifications

The finger is just the same in our previous review of the bullets Wireless - I named them the most comfortable ear buds that I've ever worn for my specific is that. I must admit they still are that means the comfort factor in the bullet see are right on par with the bullets Wireless.  

I can wear them for hours without discomfort and they fit snugly in my ear canal with the silicon tips. Another thing to note is that because of the plastic build the magnetic clasp keeping those Abele’s together when not in use is actually marginally stronger meaning. You should hopefully have noun wanted connections to your smartphones all the devices.

If you do took on the tether a little bit too hard the pairing process remains the exact same as it did previously if you have an OnePlus smartphone. It’s even better still thanks to the quick pet pop-up when you snap them open for the first time.

  • 9.2mm dynamic driver and super bass tone
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Low Latency Mode reduces latency to 110ms
  • Weight: 28g
  • Button with Quick Switch, volume, skip track, phone calls, and voice assistant
  • Magnetic control
  • Sweat and water-resistant (IP55)
  • Up to 20 hours music playback, 10 minutes charge for 10 hours of audio with USB Type-C Warp charge

OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z: Full Specifications with mobile test
OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z: Full Specifications with mobile test 

OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z setup

If you do happen to have another phone just open up Bluetooth settings find the OnePlus bullets Wireless the ant app to connect it's that easy. So of course a pair of earbuds live and die by the audio quality. The good news is that the OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z offer a solid sound profile overall.

However there is no apt X HD codec support this time and the 9.2 millimeter drivers do make a little bit of a difference compared to the previous generations 10 millimeter drivers. I'd have to say there is less thump in certain tracks that rely heavily on bass. But overall for under $50 the other experience is as good as you would expect.

The soundstage is still nice and wide and the instrument separation is good enough given these sub $50 pricing. I must say I still do prefer the bullets Wireless to sound quality but the differences are pretty marginal here that said these are not an audio pile pair of earbuds. But for most people they're probably more than good enough for daily wear and for those of you out there wondering about phone call quality.

OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z battery life

The positioning of the inline microphone means that you'll have no problem being heard on top of that with good isolation in your ears. You’ll be able to hear caller’s loud and clear one thing to note is the battery on the OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z is rated for around 20 hours. I haven't found that to be exactly true in real life but I have had to only charge once per week when using them an estimate that battery managed around 18 hours or so in the regular.

Which is still impressive and is actually substantially more than the bullets Wireless to so if you are interested in battery life or want something that's going to last a longtime. These might be the earbuds for you. I'm also glad that OnePlus included support for warp charging with the cheaper buds just 10 minutes plugged in will net you around 10 hours or so of extra life. This is great for quickly topping up if you do forget and using one cable for your phone. Your headphones is something I support whole heartedly.

OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z price

So while the overall sound isn't quite as full as you'd find on the bullets Wireless to the bullets. While the Z will undoubtedly be a great choice for many people out there wanting to free themselves of at least one wire connection to their smartphone at $49.

The market is also a little saturated with poor wireless earbuds and the bullets while Tzotzil are not meant to compete with the likes of the air pods pro or even the recent release pixel buds. They’re designed to give you a cheap everyday pair of Bluetooth earbuds that you can just throw over your neck and go about your day.  

Long lasting affordable pair of earbuds

They excel at that of course if you value overall audio experience then you might want to opt for the bullets Wireless too. But the bullets wireless Z are good quality long lasting affordable pair of earbuds that are great for most people out there.

So with all of that in mind if you have any questions then do pop them during the comment section below but with that said until next time. Thanks for watching.

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