Lenovo Chromebook duet: First impression, specs, price 2020
Lenovo Chromebook duet: First impression, specs, price 2020

Lenovo Chromebook duet: First impression, specs, price 2020: Lenovo's booth today here at CES 2020 I spent quite a bit of my time there with their new Chrome OS tablet the Lenovo Chromebook duet. I came away just super excited about the idea of Chrome OS on tablets again.

Let’s go over it and I can tell you why we'll get to all the specs and all that kind of stuff here in just a second. But the main pieces of this that Lenovo has absolutely nailed are all the pieces that make tablets worth using in the first place.

Lenovo Chromebook duet: First impression, specs, price 2020
Lenovo Chromebook duet specs 2020

Lenovo Chromebook duet review

You’ve been over at Chrome on box you know that I don't think all tablets are actually worthwhile like. I don't like big tablets and tiny tablets have kind of been supplanted by phones. So for me tablet needs to be somewhere in the 10 inch range.

it needs to be easy to use with one hand and there need to be things on it that are actually worth using as a tablet and most of my use cases for tablets have just kind of gone out. The window as Chromebooks have gotten lighter and thinner.

So honestly I've learned to just operate without a tablet for most things and I use a phone and a Chromebook. But this tablet is a little bit different and most of that is because it's of a size that makes a lot of sense for multiple things.

Lenovo Chromebook duet availability

Its weight is completely in control whereas things like the pixel slate for instance. We’re just too heavy maybe too rounded and odd to hold in one hand and use in that way this device comes off.

As something that I could hold it feels like for like an hour without having to deal with any you know hand cramping or feeling awkward reading a book with it reading magazines watching content that kind of stuff that you want to do on a tablet.

This thing is going to really excel at it comes in just under a pound and in a 10.1 inch form factor. It was just a delight to pick up and use. I really liked browsing through websites on it reading news. I pulled up a book and did a couple things with it everything.

I did on it every time, I picked it up, I was just absolutely pleased with the way it felt in my hand and to be honest when we heard that there was going to be a 10-inch Chromebook tablet at CES. I just kind of tempered my expectations expected something cheap or flimsy or something aimed at the education market.

Lenovo Chromebook duet display

This is none of those it's put together exceptionally well the display is bright and vibrant at 400 nits. It’s a full HD panel but its 16 by10. So it's actually 1920 by 1200 I believe it's the resolution on it powered by Media Tek snooze chip.

Lenovo Chromebook duet case

the P 60T it just has a lot of good stuff going for it and on top of that the price on it is kind of bonkers. Its $279 and it comes with the first-party keyboard that pepsin Viet pogo pins and then it's also got a back that magnetically attaches with kicks.

So you get the entire package you get the Chromebook feel you know. You can use it on your lap or on a table and desktop. You know orientation or you can pop it out of all that stuff. I have this nice light functional tablet and I just can't say that of any other Chrome OS device at this point.

The pixel slate is nice and it does a lot of cool things but it's too big for a tablet. It’s too heavy this solves all of that and the mediatek processor inside is fast enough. It’s going to be really good at running armed applications.

So all your Android apps are gonna run really well on it pop it into the keyboard stand. You have a fully functional desktop the USB C port on. The edge is going to give you extensions to you know extra monitors and stuff like that.

So I mean this is going to be a productive little tablet for a lot of people but it's also going to be a fun tablet to use as an actual tablet and that's just not something. I've been able to say yet have any Chrome OS tablet because the ones that have been small enough have been kind of cheap and clunky feeling.

Lenovo Chromebook duet: First impression, specs, price 2020

Lenovo Chromebook duet price

The processor in them was too slow to really enjoy. So this solves it from a processor standpoint it solves it from a price standpoint. I mean $280 for the keyboard and the tablet itself and honestly from an aesthetic standpoint the thing looks great.

It feels great to use and I'm just as you can probably tell super-excited that there's finally a Chrome OS tablet coming. It’s coming out in May that it's gonna be so easy to recommend for people to pick up for $280.

Lenovo specs

Yes go pick this thing up it'll have 4 gigs of RAM 128 gigs of internal storage. So plenty of space to store all your stuff and again it's just an easy recommend and we're so excited that there's finally a tablet that is going to be worthy of saying.

You want a tablet that runs Chrome OS and Android apps and all that stuff check this one out. Because it's actually a good contender but guys that's been it for this one as we get more about this tablet. Hopefully we get a review unit pretty soon.

We’ll definitely come back with more and we'll have a review of it when it comes out later in the year. But for now that's it if you liked this one give it a thumbs up go down there.

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