How to play Apex Legends Game on Android Smartphone 2020
How to play Apex Legends Game on Android Smartphone 2020

How to play Apex Legends Game on Android Smartphone 2020: We’re going to show you how to play apex legends on your Android smartphone with the help of NVIDIA GeForce now. So we don't yet have an official mobile version of Apex legends but thanks to NVidia and its GeForce now game streaming platform.

You can play your favorite battle rail game anywhere with your Android phone. Let’s go over a few things that you might want first and foremost. You need to go and create an individual account which is completely free.

Create EA Origin account

You’ll also need a free EA Origin account to play apex legends on top of that we also recommend a gamepad for an optimum experience. But it is not necessary as you can use on-screen controls if you wish.

It’s also worth noting that you will be playing against PC players using this method. So you maybe a disadvantage to those were playing with keyboards and mice is something just to know.

Download App

So now you want to download the key force now app to your Android smartphone a direct link is in the here and then sign in you will now need to add Apex legends to your account search for the title and add it to your library from here.

You can launch the game now. You’ll need to sign in to your already created Origin account to actually access the title. Once you've signed in it will launch and send you to the apex legends dashboard.

Controller connected via Bluetooth (If you have)

If you have a controller connected via Bluetooth, it will be recognized and controller key binds will be applied accordingly and that's it. You can enjoy the full apex legends experience right there on your smartphone screen.

You can also game on mobile data connections using this method. But your experience may vary depending on the connection quality and consistency. At least until we get a dedicated Android and iOS app it's also worth noting that the GeForce now a free tier limits.

You to just one hour of play per session and the $4.99 or 5-pound 99 founders Edition will give you up to 4 hours of playtime per session uninterrupted simply exiting and restarting though will fix those limits.

If you have any questions then pop them down below you can find links to all hardware and software used in this content down there below.

This has been Damien dough with tipstopic thanks again for watching this Android basics content until next time.

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