Google Stadia co-op game:  Get packed is stadia's best co-op game
Google Stadia co-op game:  Get packed is stadia's best co-op game 

Google Stadia co-op game: Get packed is stadia's best co-op game: Here is some Division 2 gameplay. They’re showing off some of the cross man co-op fun I'm using the machine gun turret in cluster secreting. I just get this yellow Buster just down there dancing for us didn't even get to move absolutely been loving the secret cluster brain.

You’ll see what your bodies fly around is absolutely great fun. So my buddy here aged atomic is playing on PC and I am playing on stadia in Chrome watching the drone play people up.  Bodies flying around is absolutely amazing as you can see here.

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I managed to get a whole group in one game everyone on having an absolute blast with division 2. I do miss vehicles from Ghost Recon break point but the fact that everything is kind of in running distance does make it quite feeling and the cross play with old PC players or C gives a lot more people to play with keeps it.

A lot more entertaining so this footage was captured using the Stadia on capture. I say they can only do 30 second blast. I just captured the best bits and stuck the mall together for you. So I hope to see you guys in the division to at some point.

Let me know if you're paying we have a stadia clan. If you do want to join us just drop me a mention in the comments. As if you can find any Intel on their operation.

Google Stadia co-op game:  Get packed is stadia's best co-op game
Google Stadia co-op game:  Get packed is stadia's best co-op game 

Google Stadia co-op game Playing get packed here on Google stadia

Today we are playing get packed here on Google stadia. This is such a fun unique game. I cannot wait to showcase this game to you guys. We got going on here. So we have a campaign and versus mode as well as the normal story and destruction mode you can also team up with other players online which is awesome.

There’s a whole search engine here to look for other players. This is an absolute fun game. We’re goanna jump into some gameplay. We’re gonna go ahead and search for some players and what I'm gonna do.  

I'm gonna edit when we get there. We’ll show off some gameplay right away alright here. We go, we are back and we have full four players which is absolutely excellent.

How crazy this Google Stadia co-op game?

Let’s go let's see how crazy this game. So we're gonna have to pack everything. I'm gonna show you guys the mechanics how this game works. It is gonna be insane. I'm not I've yet to play with other players. I messed with it once and I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't even know how to grab items but now I do so let's go I'm the dude in the red right now.

How do I pack stuff up man I even went into the live chat to talk to the developers?

I still don't know how to pack items all right either way. We’ll drag this giant ass couch excuse the cursing oh no it's that crap out of there kind of bring this couch. I got ran over one dude just keeps getting run over and over again.

You can pack up a tree, we find out if we can pack up a tree come on. Let’s check this out can we pack up a tree. Let’s sing with the jury. If I'm not the lead player in this game right now.

If I'm not the guy whose packed the most stuff. I'm gonna be really disappointed like there's people just thrown on the floor people grabbing trees. They’re 60s let's see if we can grab one more item. Even if it’s just something small shoot. I was a good occurs.

How we did?  

You can break the tree. Let’s see how we did?  I don't even know what does this game is all craziness right now I don't even know what to say I was the lead player right. It wasn't even close 1,400. I did my job one person negative $385 absolutely ridiculous.

We only get one star but I did my job I packed up the stuff. Let’s jump into another level cut I've it's the only level. I've done was that one. So I've never done anything else removals safety.

Please only smash windows belonging to your client. I don't know what that mean there's a trampoline we can use it. Let’s see we can get into that trampoline. I've never done this level, so I'm actually really excited to do something different. Google Stadia co-op game.

Google Stadia co-op game:  Get packed is stadia's best co-op game
Get packed is stadia's best co-op game 

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This is the first time, I've done something. So this gets you right to the second floor how do I get to the first floor though. You don't see perfect, I'm gonna have to move this camera. So you guys can see what I'm doing over here, let me move this down here. We go all right let's grab is this a soda machine. I can't drag it is that an elevator.

Let’s grab two things with our hands there if we can I think I just lacked somebody on there but there we go I'm killing it right now like usual carrying these bums. So this is an elevator, I should have took the trampoline. So the trampoline is definitely the way to go.

Let’s see if we can grab this no want to grab this giant table. You guys know how we do it I got grab all the big stuff. I don't know what's going on with my teammates right now is there anybody's still playing. There we go I sent the truck away it looks like there's only two of us left right now. I don't know if the other two are bugged down

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