Google Duo video calling: How to group calls up to 32 people
Google Duo video calling: How to group calls up to 32 people

Google Duo video calling: How to group calls up to 32 people: I'm going to show you how to set up a group video chat with Google duo. You can do it with up to 32 people at once.

At the top of March, Google expanded group sizes in Duo from 8 to 12, with plans to extend the limit even further to 32 callers within the next weeks.

So let's jump right into it first of all you need Google Duo video calling all the apps so go to the Google Play Store or on your iPhone device and download Google duo. Once its downloaded open it up once it's downloaded what you want to do is click on the contacts in the top left.

How to set up a group video chat with Google duo

Next what you want to do is you want to click on create group now from here. You have a couple of options on how you can create the group.

You can look through your contacts right here and there's a little checkbox. You could tap the checkbox next to each one and you can do it that way and then hit done at the bottom.

Another way you can do it you can still do it. The way I'm just doing it maybe you want to add somebody else that you don't want to look for you can do where it says search contacts or dial it can tap in there and type the person's name.

Once you find the person's name just click the checkbox on the right hand side. Once you're done selecting all the people for your group click done at the bottom. It then brings it at this screen and this is where you can name your group.

So right where it says group just click the little pencil and this is where you can give it whatever name you want. I have just a random hodgepodge of people here. So I'll just call it rant I don't I'll just call it random.

But you can name it whatever you want family mom and dad, the kids well again whatever you want. Once you're done with that hit save and then from there. You can actually start the video chat.

How to start the video chat

So you can go you can call start right then and there or if you're not here. Otherwise if you're on your main screen and you want to call. You can look through your list of you know a little circle to the people that you have here.  

If you see it great you can click on it otherwise which if you do is go towards the bottom. You can just search for that random or it should show up right here under groups just tap on it and hit start.

It will call all those people all at once and put you into the video call that easy. You’ll have you know all the people's faces on the screen that you can see and you can video chat with them.

Everybody can see in here and talk and as they get you know go through different people on the screen and the person talking will show up in the top left. So it's they're actually a really cool way to communicate with your family and see them all.

At the same time without calling each person individually another thing keep in mind. If you want to leave that group or remove that group that you're in just click on it and then once you're in that little group in the top right click the three dots and hit leave group.

You can also rename it from up there. once you hit leave and you go back it's completely gone from your list of groups or names that show up that you can call so that's that guys I hope that video was helpful for you.

Let me know in the comments down below if you use google duo. It’s my favorite video app by a long shot. So thanks for watching and I'll see you guys at the next one.

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