Apple Google release COVID-19 exposure-notification apps
Apple Google release COVID-19 exposure-notification apps

Apple, Google release COVID-19 exposure-notification apps: We discussed the new changes and features in iOS 13.5 check it out. So iOS 13.5 was released today and it is a very COVID-19 centric update headlined by the new exposure notification API that Apple alongside Google developed for applications to be ready to incorporate.

So let's mention the new exposure notification API some people may wonder is that this a replacement application will I find a replacement COVID-19 app on my home screen. Once I update to13.5 will I find a replacement Apple produced COVID-19 app within the App Store and therefore the answer thereto question is not any this is often not a standalone application?

Apple, Google Contract tracing API

This is an API the developers can implement into their apps to supplement those apps. So this is often not an equivalent because the Apple developed COVID-19 screening tool that was released a short time back number two. This API is a collaboration between Apple and Google. So these are two rivals coming together for the common good. Apple Google release COVID-19.

It makes sense when you consider that these are two of the most dominant players in modern technology today and without a doubt the two most dominant players in the smartphone industry as a whole number three.

This API is only available for public health agencies to incorporate contact tracing into their own application. So Joe smoke can't just go out and develop an application and incorporate. This API it has to be a public health agency approved by Apple to be able to incorporate.

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Apple Google release COVID-19 exposure-notification apps
Apple Google release COVID-19 exposure-notification apps

Apple, Google release Contract-tracing APIs for COVID-19

This API into the app number for the exposure notification. API is built with privacy in mind and we'll talk about that here in just a second and then number five is completely opt-in so users will have to opt in to receive exposure notifications on their phone and they will also have to opt into share a positive diagnosis.

If they've been tested now with that being said a user actually has to provide a verification code to authenticate whether or not they really truly had a positive diagnosis for COVID-19. So that means that you can't just go out there. I've tested positive when you actually haven't tested because that would people just sort of defeat the purpose of the whole thing.

So again just to reiterate this is an API not a standalone apple application. So Apple and Google teamed up together to develop this API that public health agencies can incorporate into their apps for contact tracing now as of now being that iOS 13.5 was just released today.

Apple Google release COVID-19 Public health agencies

There is no such application available just yet but they should be coming from public health agencies soon in fact there are several that are working on several states in the United States working on applications that will incorporate. This API very soon so one of the biggest issues one of the biggest problems with COVID-19 is that.

It’s really just hard to know if you've been exposed to someone that's been infected and that's where this whole thing comes into play. So basically these are apps that agencies have developed that may incorporate.

Apple Google release COVID-19 exposure-notification apps
Apple Google release COVID-19 exposure-notification apps

Apple Google release COVID-19 Exposure notification API

This exposure notification API so that users like me and you will be notified. If we happen to come in contact with someone that is COVID-19 positive. If we happen to return in touch with someone that's COVID-19 positive.

So that can obviously help us to be able to take action. So we're not completely in the dark when we potentially been exposed to COVID-19. Because oftentimes symptoms may be minimal they may be actually non-existent and they may be confused with some other type of symptom or problem.

Location tracing not allowed in app using API

So contract tracing will help identify potential exposure using the tool that many people already have available to them their smartphone. So that's where contact tracing sort of comes in that's where the exposure notification API sort of steps in and says hey recently you were in contact with someone that was positive or that tested positive for COVID-19.

You may want to take precaution, you may want to contact your doctor, you may want to sell quarantine or take whatever other necessary steps that it recommends and that's what this is so cool. Because lots of people have these smartphones in their pocket, they're traveling with them.

Apple releases iOS 13.5 with Exposure notification API for tracing CoronaVirus

So the infrastructure for contact tracing is already there it's just it's just a matter of taking advantage of that infrastructure as Apple and Google have teamed up to try to. So how this all work what technology is does actually used well Bluetooth. Yes the same technology that you use to connect your airports what's used primarily for contact tracing so when two people are in close range with proximity detected by Bluetooth their phones.

Well anonymously share identifiers and then if and when a person is diagnosed with COVID-19. They’ve been in contact with to the cloud now. Of course this is all done using anonymous identifiers now.

Network protocol

If a match occurs they will be notified and prompted to contact health authorities so Bluetooth that short distance. Network protocol is what really makes all this possible and privacy is at the fore here there's no location information exposed or shared at all each user gets to opt in whether or not they want to receive exposure notifications.  

If a person is diagnosed with COVID-19 it's up to that user whether or not they want to share to take it a step. Further temporary exposure keys are generated randomly and all metadata with Bluetooth is encrypted to make it more difficult to identify an individual. So it's totally opt-in its encrypted there's no location information shared privacy is something that both.

How does it tracing COVID-19 by Face time call

Apple and Google are taking seriously with the exposure notification API now. I know that was a lot but that's not all that you'll find new in iOS 13.5. There’s also the new ability to disable automatic prominence for group FaceTime calls. So if you go into settings FaceTime, you'll see under the automatic prominence section where it says speaking.

You can just turn the speaking switch off to disable automatic prominence and that makes it so that the title of the person speaking within the group FaceTime call doesn't automatically get bigger. When they start talking which can be distracting especially. If you have a lot of people going on at the same time and then there's also the new ability to share medical ID information during an emergency call.

Apple Google release COVID-19 exposure-notification apps
emergency services

Emergency services

So if you call emergency services your Apple watch your iPhone can automatically share information from your medical ID with emergency services personnel. So we can share things like primary language allergies and reactions medical conditions etc.

which can be helpful when it comes to providing you with assistance and then there's the new feature that will automatically bypass the face ID prompt and take you right to the passcode unlock screen. When it detects that you're wearing a mask.

So normally when the face ID screen times out it just kind of hangs right there at face ID. Before displaying the inter passcode prompt so I'll do it again and it takes a second to get to the passcode prompt. But if you're wearing a mask like this one here don't judge me please. It will automatically bypass the face ID prompt and just take you directly to the passcode unlock screen try it again.

Because it knows you're wearing a mask so it's like they don't even bother presenting face ID. Just take them right to the passcode super simple super easy. So ladies and gentlemen what do you guys think about iOS 13.5. Let me know down below in the comments section.

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