Acer predator 21X: World’s Best Gaming Laptop Ever 2020
Acer predator 21X: World’s Best Gaming Laptop Ever 2020

Acer predator 21X: World’s Best Gaming Laptop Ever 2020: This is a big package as you'll probably tell I mean its love it is that the largest gaming laptop ever. The Acer predator 21X it's hard to even call this thing a laptop. It comes in a suitcase it retails for $9000 table and parties are you having I don't know.

I want to be there send me an invite is there popcorn at land parties. I don't know but there should be here. This is the predator21 X and as you probably guessed underneath.

Acer predator 21X This all the accessories-

  1. Two giant power bricks
  2. Two separate power cables
  3. One wrist rest a trackpad which flips over into a number pads
  4. One replaceable key taps

Acer predator 21X review

It’s a laptop technically you could put it on your lap but really what it is it's like a portable game station. After all this thing has 2 GTX 1080s. It’s like a mobile gaming PC obviously you're gonna need double the juice and that's what you've got here now.

You’ll insert this stuff into this holder here like that which is your power setup now. Obviously you're gonna have a ton of ports on here because it's really a desktop replacement 2 USB 3’s Dolby audio badge up here.

Acer predator 21X specifications

Processor & Chipset
Core i7
i7 -7820HK
2.90 GHz
Quad- Core (4 Core)
Display & Graphics
Graphics Controller Manufacturer
Graphics Controller Model
GeForce® GTX 1080 SLI
Graphics Memory Capacity
Up to 16 GB
Graphics Memory Technology
Graphics Memory Accessibility
Screen Size
53.3 cm (21”)
Display Screen Type
Display Screen Technology
In-plane Switching (IPS) Technology
Screen Mode
Full HD
Backlight Technology
Screen Resolutions
1920 x 1080p
Standard Memory
64 GB
Memory Technology
Number of Total Memory Slots
Memory Card reader
Memory Card Supported
Total Hard drive Capacity
1 TB
Hard drive Interface
Serial ATA
Solid state Drive Configuration
2 * 512 GB
Total Solid state drive Capacity
1 TB
Display Port
Number of USB 3.0 ports
Total Number of USB ports
Network (RJ-45)
Battery Info
Number of Cells
8 Cells
Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Battery Capacity
6000 mAh


Acer predator 21X HDMI to display ports

some giant grills here to get rid of heat from the inside HDMI to display ports Thunderbolt 3 wired Ethernet and then of course the 2 power ports for those power bricks, two more USB threes. It looks like some gold plated audio connectors for both microphone and headphones here.

That’s insane 2560 by 1080 ultra-wide and it's curved. There’s the curve this thing has five fans in it. It’s got two subwoofers on it as you can see down here in the corners also. These laptops are numbered you can see I have number sixteen out of 300 out in the world.

So it's a pretty exclusive club that is a crazy place to sit oh my goodness. I mentioned this number pad here before on the other side is a trackpad. It just slots in right here. It’s magnetic you can put the number pad in like that as well.

Acer predator 21X: World’s Best Gaming Laptop Ever 2020
Acer predator 21X

Acer predator 21X Keyboard

Let’s talk about the keyboard this thing is mechanical beneath each one of these key caps is a Cherry MX brown switch. Which is insane for a laptop although again calling this thing a laptop doesn't really roll in the hay justice.

Now this also has a cool feature called killer double shot pro. Essentially it allows this port right here to work in conjunction with your Wi-Fi to prioritize gaming via this port and then all the other web-based functions over Wi-Fi what you say folks should.

We power it up that was a reasonably quick boot up because it should be you'll see the temperature of the CPU. The two GPUs and of course the system as well. Now I'm gonna go ahead and hit the max fan speed bowl beat of a jet engine bit of a jet engine.


You have two GTX 1080s so stop complaining. Today I think we've done that I showed you a set up with a really special chair. So there's a couple different settings on there through the Dolby menu dynamic movie music game voice and then personalized where you can set the EQ yourself for my videos voice soundness.

What you're allowed to say here jack for a laptop. it sounds good but it isn’t gonna rival like a dedicated setup chances are with a system like this probably going to want to use a headset into one of these jacks on the sides team time.

We need to find those sinners ahead for the lumber mill. I'm sorry I thought they got you come on come on there's a road out. There we're gonna take it gonna head north east also has a hundred and twenty Hertz refresh rate that's gonna be really important.

Acer predator 21X processor

  1. Obviously to gamers it's got the i7 78 20 HK processor.
  2. The two GTX1080s are in slid.

so they're working together it's got 64 gigabytes of ddr4 memory and then it's got a couple of 512 gigabyte SSDs NV me SSDs in raid 0 and a 1 terabyte 7200 rpm hard drive. So yeah that's far core 5 and ultra.

Everything very graphics intensive game as you could tell from the game play fills out the ultra-wide aspect ratio at 2560 by 1080.

you can see we still have plenty of VRAM left over Holy Smoke 7.8 gigabytes what I really think this thing aims to do is recreate a desktop experience in something that is sort a portable. I'm happy that something like this exists.

If I walked into somebody's house and they just had this thing set up. how am I not gonna ask some questions $9,000 dual GTX 1080s ultra-wide display 2560 by 1080 i7 manacle keyboard reversible trackpad a dragon.

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