Huawei p40 Pro plus: World’s biggest smartphone camera

Huawei p40 Pro plus: World’s biggest smartphone camera
Huawei p40 Pro plus: World’s biggest smartphone camera

Huawei p40 Pro plus: World’s biggest smartphone camera: We just launched its latest flagships the Huawei p40 pro and Huawei p40 Pro Plus. Let’s talk about some of the key features of the top-of-the-line p40 Pro Plus. Which is gonna compete directly with Samsung Galaxy s20 ultra in almost every department except one.

World’s first Quad curved display

So the p40 pro and plus happy quad curve display rather display of wraparound not only the left and right sides of the device. But also the top and bottom but in reality though the display actually doesn't stretch that far instead. It’s the screen glass that curves around the four edges. The display curves to on top and bottom. But it's not really what we expected. There’s still a visible bezel but in spite of that it still looks freaking cool.

World’s fastest wireless charging

It seems wireless charging will be one of different ears to make a big leap in 2020 and volley is aiming to be in the lead. The p40 Pro Plus supports wireless charging of up to a massive 40 watts of power that's the industry best right now. Xiaomi also showcased a 40 watt world is charging demo a few weeks ago. But that was a prototype. The p40 pro isn't so kudos to Webby for taking a big leap in the stack and by the way Battery it also supports wired charging over 240 watts. So charging will be a breeze on this handset.

Huawei p40 Pro plus: World’s biggest smartphone camera
 World’s biggest smartphone camera

World’s biggest smartphone camera sensor

the main upgrade on the p40 pro plus devices is the camera in fact before the pro flush uses the world's biggest smartphone camera sensor at one over 1.28 inches. which is even bigger than the one over 1.33 inch 108 megapixel sensor found on the Galaxy S20 ultra that should help even more with low-light performance.

Optical Zoom

The zoom has been increased to 10 times optical on the plus model. This make the Huawei p40 Pro Plus as the world's first smartphone camera with such high optical zoom support. The phone can also do 20 times hybrid and 100 times digital zoom guava has also made some improvements on the software side. It says that its AI is now clever enough to remove glass reflections from an image and it can even remove unwanted passerby if they accidentally photobomb your shot.

A higher refresh rate display

There's also a feature that will suggest a better photograph to you after automatically capturing a burst of photos in the background like Sampson Ravi has gone beyond the standard 60Hertz refresh rate for their new flagships p40 pro and plus both have in 1930 display which is an improvement compared to 2019.

Huawei flagships but they're not 120 Hertz as seen on the galaxy s20 devices but still the animation should feel very smooth and pleasant to the eyes.

Faster Unlocking system

The punch whole selfie cutout at the front which by the way is very big and intrusive happy time-of-flight sensor for infrared face on logs in low-light conditions. Also there's an in display fingerprint scanner of the optical type which Wally says is 30% bigger this time around and unlocks 30% faster of course with that being said.

Huawei p40 Pro plus: World’s biggest smartphone camera
Huawei p40 Pro plus price

Huawei p40 pro plus price

These are the prizes for the p40 lineup yes they're super expensive and I wouldn't suggest any of you buy this phone. Even though they have some of the class-leading specs and features for one and one reason only the lack of Google services. I mean no Google apps basically make the p40 phones a good handheld camera than a smartphone. Anyway let me know your thoughts down in the comments and as always I'll see you tomorrow peac

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