Samsung Galaxy Z flip Full Specification

Samsung Galaxy Z flip Full Specification
Samsung Galaxy Z flip Full Specification

Samsung Galaxy Z flip Full Specification: Lots of guys breaking news is here Samsung has revealed the Samsung Galaxy Z flip in the official trailer before the launch of this device. Which is goanna happen tomorrow so it's amazing that they did that and it's the full trailer showcasing everything the design and the features.

Where Samsung Galaxy Z flip is started the words pretty much all is revealed within this Blog. we also have some new user hands-on videos as well of the device that we're goanna talk about later but let's talk about the trailer first of all it starts off with teasing that shiny purple color that is coming with this device.

Samsung Galaxy Z flip Design

It’s probably the first time Samsung is bringing this color with any of its device. So it's definitely iconic. There’s only one Samsung logo on this phone which is only visible when the phone is folded as you can see in this shot then we have the side shot which shows off the image scanner. Which is also a poor bit and diverse the side along with the volume rocker and as we have seen this in a bunch of renders as well.

Samsung Galaxy Z flip Specification

  • Display
    • 6.7 inches, 101.6 cm2

    • 12 MP, f/1.8, 27mm (wide), 1/2.55", 1.4µm, Dual Pixel

    • 10 MP, f/2.4, 26mm (wide), PDA Selfie Camera.

    • Qualcomm SM8150 Snapdragon 855+ (7 nm)

    • 256GB ROM, 8GB RAM

    • Non-removable Li-Po 3300 mAh battery.

    • Black and Purple

Samsung Galaxy Z flip Colors

This is the official wallpaper for the galaxy Z flip and it just looks amazing. It is very complementary to the purple color you can see we have two colors purple and black.

It’s look at how it locks into this position giving you a special kind of display ratio not only in the 90 degrees. It also locks into 180 degree angle as well as you can see in this shot with a girl in the image looks really good. When it's completely folded and then we have this amazing look of the outer display which shows up more information than just time and the calendar info.

Samsung Galaxy Z flip Display

If someone is calling you its gonna pop up on the outer display. Which is looking really good and it is color-coordinated. So if you go with the purple galaxy Z flip you get the purple color LED if you go with the black one. Then you'll see the black color then we add the video calling aspect of the trailer.


When you're talking to someone you can lock the phone at 90 degrees and put the phone on the table that way you don't have to hold the phone in order to like talk to someone. You can still see their face that's kind of cool actually if you talk a lot on videos and if you want to do something else at the same time and then of course the trailer ends up with the tagline of the device.

 which is change the shape of the future so yeah there you have this is the official trailer of these stamps and galaxies inflate pretty much reveals everything just a day before the launch actually about 48 hours before the launch and apart from this we also have some more hands-on videos of the galaxy Z flip coming from Twitter and various social media sites.

Samsung Galaxy Z flip Details

Basically one of the video confirms that it is rocking sin average and 855 chipset. We’ve already seen the complete spec sheet. so if you don't know already it's rocking the camera similar to the galaxy s 10 e 3300 mAh battery six point seven inch ultra-thin gloss all that good stuff. it is offering something really new that we have not seen on any Samsung phone before but the same time the specs are of 2019 and it's gonna cost around the same price as the galaxy s 20 ultra.

So it's definitely targeted to where some specific people. I think most people would prefer s20 ultra but I want to hear your thoughts in the comment below regarding the Galaxy Z flip would you think after seeing it officially.


I do think that it looks really incredible and I would love to actually use this phone as to see how well the experience will be and yeah just a comment below your thoughts and as always stay tuned for the latest coverage regarding the galaxy astern family happening really soon and I'll see you guys in the next one peace out

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