Samsung galaxy S11 plus leak news and specification in 2020
Samsung galaxy S11 plus leak news and specification in 2020

Samsung galaxy S11 plus leak news and specification in 2020: The Samsung galaxy S11 plus is looking like a lot of things. Some of them are really impressive and then others not so much fessing first cameras and Samsung phones have heard consistently good cameras for a while now. But the imaging hardware itself has not taken a big leap forward into the galaxy s7 that is about to change with their new at 64 megapixel Isobel bright GW one image sensors. Samsung phones are about to take not just high-resolution photos but ones with even greater dynamic range now with faster autofocus. It’s also looking likely that it's getting to leave 480 frame per second continuous movie video in clean full HD resolution now.

The Samsung galaxy S11 plus is not be the first phone to use this sensor but it will be the best one. Because it's gonna be combining that with three other cameras for just maximum flexibility now. I've already heard a bit of talk about the next Samsung devices being powered by a hyper efficient 5 nm chip that would be great but just judging by past history. These flagship phone chips tend to get this boost in efficiency once every two years and it's only been worn since we started seeing the current 7 nanometer chips on the flip side.

Samsung galaxy S11 plus processor

Samsung has announced a partnership with AMD and has pretty clearly stated that its purpose is to make mobile graphics chipsets for Samsung smartphones. So you might know that in the PC market AMD is pretty widely known for their Radeon of graphics architecture and so if Samsung managed to leverage that company's expertise. It could well mean a Samsung galaxy S11 plus that completely fries the competition when it comes to gaming it kind of reminds me when NVidia. We're making move all chips and how they managed to produce a 72 core GPU in a phone. Where most others barely had four but also remember that this Radeon partnership my only benefit phones powered by the Exynos chipset.

So it'd not affect people within the US and other regions that get the snapdragon. There is good news though for Qualcomm users in that all Samsung galaxy S11 plus were - based on the Snapdragon 865 or the Exynos equivalent should have a 5g modem built into the chip. The current solution in phones like the Samsung galaxy S10 5g is actually having a separate modem that sits alongside the chip and so weaving them together could mean not just a slimmer smartphone.

Samsung galaxy S11 plus specification

  • 6.9 inches (17.53 cm) screen size
  • 1440x3040 pixel, 488 PPI resolution
  • Dynamic AMOLED display
  • Corning Gorilla glass 5 protection


  • 108 MP (up to 5x Optical Zoom) Primary Camera
  • 13 MP, Wide Angle, Ultra-Wide Angle Camera
  • 8 MP Telephoto Camera
  • 2 MP Camera
  • HDR plus Features
  • 12000 x 9000 Pixels image resolution


  • 10 MP single Camera
  • HDR plus features


  • Android v10 (Q) operating system
  • Samsung Exynos 9 Octa 990 processor
  • Dual SIM, GSM+GSM sim slots
  • Octa-core CPU
  • Mali-G77 MP11 Graphics
  • 64 bit Architecture


  • 8GB RAM
  • 256 GB storage ROM


  • 5000 mAh Li-ion type
  • Fast charging 18W
  • Wireless Charging


  • Rs. 83,990 (Expected Price)

Launch Date

  • March 2020 (Expected)

Samsung galaxy S11 plus memory

The Samsung galaxy S11 plus would also pair this with UFO s3 storage and up to 12 gigabytes of RAM on the subject of power.

Samsung galaxy S11 plus fingerprint sensor

Samsung has a bit of a history with putting buttons and sensors in places that. Just don't make sense the note 8 had its fingerprint scanner impossibly high up on the back of the phone and the Samsung galaxy S11 plus is power button literally requires a hand shuffle every time. You want to press it what is it kind of nice is that with the Samsung galaxy S11 plus phone. Samsung has massively cut down on the actual weight. So they are much more comfortable to hold and I just hope that with the S 11.

Samsung galaxy S11 plus leak news and specification in 2020
Samsung galaxy S11 plus leak news and specification in 2020

Samsung galaxy S11 plus camera

The second thing is a better camera night mode. I was really excited when I found out that Samsung was planning to introduce night mode on the Samsung galaxy S11 plus. Because its hardware is just so capable especially with a variable aperture that opens up at night to let more light in and the capability is still there. But it just so happens that their execution of the night mode on the s10 was pretty weak. If Samsung managed to improve this software and being optimistic. Let’s say they managed to match what the pixels are currently capable of then combining that with the new 64 megapixel sensor. They’re gonna have you ever could get unprecedented low light in theory as for a possible 90 Hertz refresh rate. I would personally opt out. I really do just like the slickness adds to the UI but a minimum of with the present tech there's still an excessive amount of of an impression on battery life.

Samsung galaxy S11 plus battery

We haven't seen any clear-cut leaks on battery life. But i feel it might be a reasonably safe assumption to guess about 1,100 milliamp hours if you check out their past devices the Samsung galaxy S8 plus had 3500 million powers because the Samsung galaxy S9 plus phones were more of a refinement of the s8. They had an equivalent but the s10 plus was a full redesign then along side that came A battery boost assuming them that the s11 is yet. Another refinement phone it should carry an identical capacity battery what's a touch quite just a refinement though is that it should even be getting an equivalent 45 watt charging that we should always be seeing on the note 10 also . I've already made an in-depth.

They might not be able to tell so you may have actually noticed that with each new flagship phone. Samsung adjusts the aesthetic for seemingly no other reason than to look unique consider the change from the s9 plus to the note 9 if anything the camera layout on the s9 plus made sense it looks clean and the fingerprint scanner was far down in a phone the phone to reach and yet on the note 9 later on in the year they took. What seemed like a backwards step on this?


Which will at least in part just have been to make it feel new so this could mean a whole number of things on the S 11 but this is just what i feel thus far we all know that the S 10 phones have this beautiful sizable hole clock in the highest right corner and therefore the expectation for the note 10 is for that hole punch to not just shift to the center but to become smaller. It’s quite possible then that the Samsung galaxy S11 plus will utilize this smaller hole punch from the note 10 but with the positioning of the s 10.

I don't think that the Samsung galaxy S11 plus is where we'll see any kind of under screen front camera because the current compromise with quality is a little too high another aspect of this that I find quite interesting is naming now that the corporate has hit the golden 10 number with the Galaxy S 10. It might be time for a change you could argue that if they continue this naming trend you're just going to end up with a load of special feeling devices and it could just end up being a bit of a mouthful could you imagine if down the line. They started releasing a phone called the Samsung Galaxy S11 plus at the same time though the galaxy brand has a lot of power people see it and they have a lot of positive associations towards it.


It’s even going to be dropped on the note 10 coming before it it's more a question of when as opposed to if it's just the direction that the industry is heading as for the price. It’s a pretty safe estimate that the Samsung galaxy S11 plus is fall into the same bracket as the note 10 Pro. So it's safe to expect a starting price of between a thousand and fifty to 1,100 and don't forget that by this time the Samsung galaxy S11 plus will be closer to $900. So it'll be up to you as to whether or not that purchase makes sense now.

I've actually disabled this setting on my Oneplus 7 Pro because I found that after a couple of weeks of using it your eyes adjust to the refresh rate and you stop feeling the novelty of it then at now and this is often my personal preference most are a touch different during this . But I found that rather than appreciating that extra smoothness of the screen I spent longer wishing I had that extra hour approximately of screen on time by putting it back to 60 Hertz alright. So just your standard disclaimer that a lot of the stuff in this blog.

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