Samsung Galaxy A71
Samsung Galaxy A71 Price, Specification and all details
Samsung Galaxy A71 Price, Specification and all details: We’re going to Show again you have another smartphone. This time it's from Samsung. This is the Samsung Galaxy A71. So this will be available this February. Let’s do examine first the galaxy is 70 or A71 examine nothing guys on packaging so on top on introduce the branding of the A71 on the side it has the seal there. We’re going to unbox again you have another smartphone but this time. It’s from Samsung this is the Samsung Galaxy A71 okay so this will be available this February.

Samsung series has arrived with important changes for this 2020 and nine powerful infinite screens good storage processors and what more important at more affordable prices. They will remember that the Samsung series will sold at almost high-end prices before this 2019. But well today no longer it’s like that and friends the Samsung is already preparing to further improve your series to by 2020. So after the intro we will see how the 71 will be a powerful midrange device that prepares Samsung by 2020.

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Samsung Galaxy A71 Compare

Once again to this place full of android news android devices of android concepts like the one. You are seeing in the pictures. If it's the new Samsung galaxy A71 if it's renewal from Samsung galaxy to 70 to start let's talk about your friends screen the same has leaked as we see in this concept with a totally design infinite what is not clear is if will feature its front camera in a pop-up design.

Something we've already seen in phones like 9 told you or me or the yen 9 prime from Huawei or maybe you already have a hidden camera under the display such as with the fingerprint reader ultrasonic what is confirmed Samsung will bring a infinite screen Amoled and with a fee of soda of 120 exercises and about at 6.7 inches. approximately yes  is confirmed to move to this device will come with snapdragon 735 opt with which you will be supported with a adreno 620 GPU and this will have a liquid cooling  that is also confirmed.

Samsung Galaxy A71 Specs

Since this device would be destined also for a gamer audience and in as for ram memory and the internal storage of this phone well two versions will come like this. the  Samsung is preparing two versions 1 with 8 gb of ram memory and 128 of  internal storage and another 10  gigabytes of ram memory and 256 of  internal storage and as for  operating system this one will come  officially with factory android 10.

Performance            Octa core (2.2 GHz, DualCore + 1.8 GHz, HexaCore)
Snapdragon 730

Display 6.7 inches (17.02 cm)
1080x2400 px, 393 PPI

Camera 64MP + 12MP + 5MP + 5MP Quad Primary Cameras
LED Flash
32 MP Front Camera

Battery 4500 mAh
Fast Charging
USB Type-C port

Camera sensor

The configuration of the cameras here we are seeing that Samsung is preparing quad cameras and a four camera configuration and one configuration very similar to what it brings the network me in not 8 pros we're talking that the main sensor would be 64 megapixels. the other sensor would be a  ultra wide angle 16 secondary would be a depth sensor of 8 and the last sensor would be a top of 5  megapixels and for the front we are talking about a sensor 32 megapixels.

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And in that I think there is no big changes but hey  here is the innovation that no longer  you will have the night to host this sensor of the front camera no lens no longer would be located here and taking up space on the infinite screen of the device. 

Samsung Galaxy A71 battery

The battery here too will undergo a great change. If this battery would have a capacity of 6000 milliamps something we already see in the currently that capacity 6000 will also come milliamps and a brutal ability. I would say well it's a big phone and Samsung finally I think it will do things right with the battery in that device which will have a charge fast 30 watts approximately that is what is confirmed as to the battery and as for the cost of this device good for the most version economic.

Price in 2020

we are talking about 380 dollars and the most pro version that is the which has 10 gigabytes of ram memory and 256 internal storage would be when about 440 dollars and good Samsung according to Samsung with all the powerful features offered by this new Samsung galaxy a 71 say the price it is more than reasonable and in fact if we would say for example of these features would currently be costing you about 500 dollars well.

let's hope Samsung what do so have a device with 10 gb RAM with a powerful processor  a good gpu to process games and that  no tear liquid cooling and an excellent display of 120 hearts that something that is only seen for example in high end devices like the one plus current the 7 the 7 pro.

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